DeterminantFinder practice problem

Manipulation of 2 dimensional arrays is testable on the AP Computer Science A Exam. Multiple choice and free response questions are fair game. The DeterminantFinder practice problem is intended as practice with 2D arrays and with recursion. The DeterminantFinder practice problem requires complex manipulation of 2D arrays of integers. It also requires coding a recursive ...

Recursive base conversion practice problem

Recursive base conversion practice problem
Conversion between bases is typically a single question on the AP Computer Science Exam. In this practice problem, you’ll be presented with algorithms to convert between base 10 and another base then asked to implement each algorithm as a recursive method. Base 2 is used as the non-integer base in throughout this problem; however, both ...

Merge sort practice problem

Merge sort is a recursive algorithm to arrange the elements of a data structure, such as an array or list, in increasing or decreasing order. The algorithm partitions the portion of the array into 2 unsorted halves, sorts each half, then merges the 2 sorted halves into 1 sorted whole.