GridChecker free response answer

The GridChecker problem from the 2010 AP Computer Science Exam is typical of free response problems that test GridWorld: The AP Computer Science Case Study. The problem requires you to run multiple methods of the Grid interface with correct implicit and explicit parameters and to handle the return types.

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GridChecker Part (a): actorWithMostNeighbors

public Actor actorWithMostNeighbors()
    List<Location> occupiedLocations = gr.getOccupiedLocations();

    if(occupiedLocations.size() == 0)
      return null;

    Location locWithMostNeighbors = occupiedLocations.get(0);
    for(Location loc : occupiedLocations)
      if(gr.getOccupiedAdjacentLocations(loc).size() > gr.getOccupiedAdjacentLocations(locWithMostNeighbors).size())
        locWithMostNeighbors = loc;

    return gr.get(locWithMostNeighbors);

GridChecker Part (b): getOccupiedWithinTwo

public List<Location> getOccupiedWithinTwo(Location loc)
  List<Location> occupiedWithinTwo = new ArrayList<Location>();

  for (int row = loc.getRow() - 2; row <= loc.getRow() + 2; row++)
   for (int col = loc.getCol() - 2; col <= loc.getCol() + 2; col++)
    Location locToCheck = new Location(row, col);

    if (gr.isValid(locToCheck) && gr.get(locToCheck) != null)


  return occupiedWithinTwo;

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