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On the AP Computer Science Exam, you will be expected to be familiar with Math.random. You may be asked to use it to generate a random value within a specific range, generate a random valid index in an array or list, or make a conditional statement true with a specific probability.

The AP CS Elevens Lab and the AP CS Magpie Lab feature random number generation.

Part (a)

ArrayList<String> names = new ArrayList<String>();
/* code to add many more names to names */

String randomName = /* select a random name from names */;

Give code to replace /* select a random name from names */. Each name in names must have an equal probability of being selected.

Part (b)

double a = /* a number > 0 */
double b = /* a number > a */

Modify the statement below such that a <= r < b and that each value in the range has an equal probability of being assigned to r.

double r = Math.random();

Part (c)

if(/* condition */)
  /* statement */

Give code to replace /* condition */ such that /* statement */ will have a 25% probability of being executed when the code is run.

See the Random number generation solution or review it with AP CS Tutor Brandon Horn.

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