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2019 AP CS Exam Free Response Solutions

AP Computer Science Practice Problems & Resources by Topic

Each section focuses on an AP Computer Science Exam topic that has been tested extensively on previous exams.
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Featured Practice Problems – Droppy & Mazer

  • Traverse a 2D array in a non-trivial order (like the AP CS Pictures Lab)
  • Manipulate String objects (like the AP CS Magpie Lab)

Try the Droppy Free Response Practice Problem
Try the Mazer Free Response Practice Problem

Inheritance & Polymorphism

  • Design and implement subclasses
  • Override superclass methods
  • Work with abstract classes and methods

See the Inheritance & Polymorphism Practice Problems

2D Arrays

  • Traverse a 2D array in row-major order
  • Fill a two dimensional array
  • Visit specific elements of a 2 dimensional array

See the 2D Array Practice Problems


  • Trace recursive methods
  • Implement recursive methods
  • Determine the purpose of recursive methods

See the Recursion Practice Problems
See the Recursive Method Tracing Technique

Lists & ArrayLists

  • Compare consecutive elements of a List
  • Remove specific elements from a List
  • Find the maximum in an ArrayList

See the List & ArrayList Practice Problems

Sorting & Searching

  • Code selection sort, insertion sort and merge sort
  • Identify and complete variants (ex: back to front)
  • Determine if an implementation is correct

Try the Sorting & Searching Practice Problems

GridWorld: The AP Computer Science Case Study

Note: GridWorld will not be featured on the 2015 and subsequent AP CS Exams.

  • Practice with Location and Grid
  • Write a complete subclass of Critter
  • Use Grid to implement a game

See the GridWorld Case Study Practice Problems
See the GridWorld Case Study Explanations
See the GridWorld Case Study Solutions

Additional Practice Problems by Topic

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